The Gourmet Shop - Barbados - Fresh Produce
Gourmet Shop R Gift Basket
We also make great gourmet gift baskets for any occasion  or a corporate client "thank  you".

The Gourmet Shop in Barbados has an impressive range of upmarket, good quality foods. Every square foot is filled with tempting products ranging from the most exotic, eco friendly to the mundane such as organic ketsup & peanut butter, beers, wines & liquors.


The Shop inventory evolves constantly because our gourmet shop customers demand it. Customers ask for new self-catering, food products, exciting flavors, gourmet gift baskets, the latest labels and we deliver because we're still family run & able to make decisions quickly unlike larger chains. If The Gourmet Shop Barbados doesn't have what you're looking for we will get it. Don't hesitate to ask.


Knowledgable & experienced staff strive to be friendly & helpful on a daily basis. We will suggest how to use a product, chat about family, listen to concerns, discuss politics or education, recomend Barbados hairdressers or simply give directions to good island restaurants, rum shops & entertainment all in Barbados.



               It's all in a days work.